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#YoungEntrepreneur: Hannah Fite of CakeFites

Cake is one of the most popular desserts there is, and for good reason. There are more types of cake than any one person could think of, let alone eat: from classic chocolate and vanilla to red velvet, lemon, or carrot cake. Everyone has a favorite flavor or ten. If all this thinking about cake has given you a mighty craving, you’re in luck! CakeFites (not cake fights—no putting good cake to waste here!) is open for business on Facebook.

“Who Doesn’t Love a Challenge?”

Hannah Fite started baking cakes in August 2020, and immediately clicked with baking. “I started baking cakes this past August,” she says. “My sister was turning 16, and she always wanted a fondant cake. She was obsessed with cows at the time, so I figured I would make her a fondant cow cake.” She asked her grams to help her out, and they had a great time. “We had a lot of fun figuring it out,” she says.

Hannah continued baking, and a few months after she started making cakes, she started CakeFites. “I saw that people were interested in my cakes, and how many people were asking me to make cakes for them,” she says. “I wanted to see how far I could go. It was fun making cakes, but who doesn’t love a challenge?” Hannah’s mom helped her start a Facebook page, and sign up for Paypal. Then, she registered with the State of Kentucky to be a home-based processor.

Plenty of Sweet Options

CakeFites primarily offers, well, cakes! “The products we offer mainly consist of cakes, cupcakes, and cheesecakes,” Hannah says. “However, I would like to start trying new recipes for other types of sweets!” Hannah’s favorite cake to bake is red velvet cake, for its delicious flavor and beautiful red color. “It is one of my favorite flavors, and I love how the deep red gives a beautiful presentation on the plate.”

As for her favorite flavor cake? “I can’t decide on one favorite cake,” she says. “As far as which one I think looks the tastiest, I would have to go with the cookies and cream cake. As far as the cake that took the most time and effort, I really like the haunted hospital cake. It was a three-tier strawberry and white cake based on the Old Hospital on College Hill in Williamson. My favorite thing about it was how it lit up!” Hannah is also proud of the bee cake she made for a local beekeeper. “It was striped like a bee on the inside with alternating yellow and black dyed cake. It had caramel drip and was topped with a white chocolate (dyed yellow) honeycomb.”

Hannah is a fifteen-year-old freshman at Belfry High School. “I am a Christian, and I attend church at Belfry First Baptist Church. I play volleyball for my school and a club team based in Pikeville,” Hannah says when asked what she likes to do outside of baking. “I love to spend time with my family and friends, and enjoy taking part in anything that is messy.” She hopes to continue baking plenty of cakes.

“My favorite part about making cakes isn’t the cakes themselves, but the happiness that people receive when they get one,” Hannah says. If you’d like to feel that same happiness, check out Hannah’s Facebook page to see all of her beautiful creations!

All photos from CakeFites

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