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Are You Ready to Deck the Halls?

For many people, the Christmas tree is one of their favorite parts of the Christmas season. It’s often the first holiday item we put up, and it’s the focal point of our festive holiday decor. However, for those who are a little less than stellar at decorating, it might leave you stumped every year. If you wanna do a little more than throw up a prelit tree and toss some random ornaments on it, check out some tips Jessica Hackney, co-owner of Coal Country Concierge, shared with Williamson Forward.

Jessica recommends starting with a nice artificial tree. “I prefer the power in the pole, pre-lit and variable branches,” she says. She typically adds a second type of lights to the prelit tree, to make it appear brighter. “I like globe lights or multicolored ones, over traditional warm whites,” she says.

After that, it’s time for ornaments. “The large ornaments go first, then I work my way down from there,” she says. Jessica likes to work in sets of the same color and size globes, and similarly shaped ornaments. She follows the ornaments with some ribbon, to fill in any gaps in the tree that might need filling in, and then it’s time for the topper. Jessica reminds us, “Toppers are also important, and they vary depending on the theme of your tree.”

Jessica’s final tip? Don’t forget the space under your tree. “Don’t forget to decorate under your tree, either with wrapped gifts, or christmas-themed toys or wooden sleighs.”

Whether you prefer a classic red-and-green, traditional kind of decor, or you like switching it up every year, we hope that you are able to use Jessica’s tips to put together your best Christmas tree ever!

For more ideas or if you’d rather hire Jessica to make your home or business holiday ready, contact her through Facebook at Coal Country Concierge.

All photos from Coal Country Concierge.

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