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Operation Santa Paws

Showing Love to Furry Friends with #OperationSantaPaws

We all know December is the season for giving. From Christmas to Hannakauh and beyond, the festive, gift-giving holidays encourage folks to remember to show a little love to family and friends. Charitable efforts also push us to remember those who are at a disadvantage, such as the homeless, the elderly, and the sick. Another important group to remember this December? Our furry (or scaly, or feathered) friends. 

Animals are an important part of many of our lives. Our dogs, cats, and other pets are often part of the family, and we often grab a treat or two for Fluffy and Fido during the holiday season. For every beloved family pet, though, there are plenty who aren’t lucky enough to have a home for the holidays. That’s where Operation Santa Paws comes in. 

Operation Santa Paws is an effort to correct this oversight by encouraging animal-lovers everywhere to show a little love to the animals dwelling in shelters. It’s a hard fact that many of these fellas will spend years, even their whole lives living in cages. It’s not possible to single handedly adopt them all, but it is possible to make their lives a little better during the Christmas season. 

To participate in Operation Santa Paws, which is technically ongoing from December 1 to December 24, one simply has to deliver a donation to your local animal shelter– in this case, Save Our Strays (SOS) Animal Rescue. Save Our Strays serves South Williamson, Wiliamson, Delbarton, Kermit, Lenore, Matewan, and Gilbert, and provides temporary housing for stray pets in these areas. 

Donations can take the form of monetary donations, or food, treats, blankets, and toys. To inquire about donations, contact SOS Animal Rescue at 304-236-3007. 


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