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Christmas Fun: Home Alone Inspired Cooking Class

Home Alone Cooking Class 

If you’re looking for a different kind of family-friendly holiday event and you’re a fan of 1990 Christmas classic Home Alone, then the Williamson Farmers Market is here for you with their upcoming Home Alone Cooking Class! 

The class will be open to families and folks of all ages, and will take participants through cooking multiple Home Alone-inspired recipes, including a healthy take on pizza, just like the family’s final meal before leaving Kevin home alone, and mac and cheese. The event will finish off with an ice cream sundae bar for everyone to enjoy. 

The evening will also offer games and activities alongside the cooking, so there will be plenty of bang for your buck– especially since attendance for the whole family is just $10! This event will be the second of its kind, following last-year’s movie-themed cooking class, according to Kristin DeBoard with the Farmers Market. 

For the organizers, this is just a good way for the Market to continue supporting the community through the colder months, and to get the whole family out together. “This lets the kids and adults both get involved,” Kristin says. 

This class will be hosted on December 14 at 6pm at Post 49 Market on 2nd Avenue in downtown Williamson. Tickets for the event can be purchased here. To learn more about the Home Alone Cooking class, feel free to visit the Facebook event page. Have fun, ya filthy animals! 

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