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Bravo's Bulletproof Vest

Recently, the GFWC-WV Williamson Woman’s Club was awarded a $1,000.00 grant from the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation Giving Back Fund to be used for Mingo County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit.

Williamson Woman’s Club member Leigh Ann Ray also serves as the Mingo County Grant Coordinator. She works closely with different departments, including the sheriff’s department, to secure funding for various needs and projects. Thanks to her research, Mingo County K-9 Unit Bravo is about to receive his own bulletproof vest.

“We recently were awarded funding to purchase bulletproof vests for all of the deputies, however, K-9 units were not eligible under that particular grant. While researching funding for other equipment, I found the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation. It’s mission is to support K-9 units for police and fire departments. The grant period was open and Bravo needed a vest. The Williamson Woman’s Club graciously agreed to be the not-for-profit sponsor and we submitted the application. I was thrilled it was approved,” explains Leigh Ann.

On June 30th, Williamson Woman's Club President Chris Dotson joined Leigh Ann to present the $1000.00 check to Mingo County Sheriff Joe Smith, Deputy Blake Sipple, and Bravo.

“When Leigh Ann presented the idea of applying for this grant through the club, it was an absolute yes. It’s an honor to be able to help our sheriff’s department,” says Chris.

During the check presentation, Bravo seemed as excited as Deputy Sipple and Sheriff Smith to receive the funding!

Sheriff Joe Smith says, “We appreciate the work Leigh Ann does to help the sheriff’s department. It’s important for us to secure these types of grants-especially with the county struggling financially. We also appreciate the Williamson Woman’s Club and everything they do for the community.”

Left to Right: Mingo County Sheriff Joe Smith, Williamson Woman's Club President Chris Dotson, Deputy Blake Sipple, Mingo County Grant Coordinator and WWC member Leigh Ann Ray, and K-9 Unit Bravo.

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