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Debbie's Dance Studio Presents The Time Traveler

A Variety of Adventures

Since 2015, Debbie Carlin has brought her passion for dance to students in the area, with her business, Debbie’s Dance Studio. This studio was born from a lifelong passion on Debbie’s part, and she has certainly brought this passion to the young people in the area! Every year, the studio performs a summer recital, revolving around a specific theme or concept. In the past, performers have danced through Enchanted Forests as a whole slew of mythical creatures, and they have danced through masterpieces at a Parisian museum-themed show.

A Time-Traveling Recital

This year, dancers with the studio will take their audience through human history, with a recital entitled “The Time Traveler”. “Each dance performed will represent an era or event,” Debbie says. “Time periods represented will stretch from the event in Pompeii in 79 A.D., to the present era. We have two tiny dancers to represent Sandra Dee and Danny in the era of the 1950s, as it was represented in the Grease movie.” Film buffs will also recognize a moment inspired by the film Dirty Dancing.

The show will also feature a “broadway” dancer, 1920s flappers, and a visit to Flanders Field, where WWI soldiers were buried. Debbie believes that their performances of these eras, as well as the way the show has been structured, make it truly unique. “What makes this recital stand out is the mixture of so many eras and events being represented on stage,” she says. “It’s not just dance after dance of the decades in order. Instead, the time traveler touches on unique places and events of different moments in time.”

This recital will feature over 30 dances, and over 70 dance students of a variety of ages. “It will be a wonderful moment for them to perform and showcase their talents onstage for the public.”

Debbie developed this idea from her own ideas about looking back. “I’m the type of person that tends to look backwards a lot,” she says. “And the past has many memories, some good and some bad. This led me to think of time travel and how wonderful it would be to visit places and events of the past. This led to my idea of the recital theme.”

The time traveling dance recital will take place on Saturday, June 18 in the Belfry High School auditorium, and there will be two performances. The first will be at 1:30 pm, and this will be followed by a second performance at 6:30 pm. Admission will be $12.00, ages 3-12 is $6.00, and 2 and under is free. A keepsake program will be available. For more information about Debbie’s Dance Studio, visit their Facebook page.

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