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Dirt Days Preview

Justin Marcum is the proud owner of the Smokin’ Pit BBQ in Williamson—one of the most popular restaurants in town. He also loves riding the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, which is why he is also one of the founders of the Dirt Days event.

Dirt Days will be a two-day festival running from April 26th to the 28th for riders and non-riders alike. In addition to some special rider events, Dirt Days will feature live music, a parade, and a variety of local vendors. Justin describes the event as one that will bring attention to the Hatfield-McCoy trails using ATV, Side-by-Side, and outdoor trail riding.

Off-Roading, Music, and Good Food…Oh My!

Registration for Dirt Days costs $50 and will include weekend passes for the Hatfield-McCoy trails, as well as a Dirt Days goodie bag. There will be numerous special-rider events, including a mud-pit and an obstacle course.

Though the founders’ main goal is to bring tourists to the area and promote the use of the Hatfield-McCoy trails, Dirt Days isn’t only about off-road riding. “It’s about tourism and positive use of the trails. Dirt Days will consist of off-roading, music, good food, and fun for all!” says Justin, when asked how he would describe the event. “It’s about good, clean fun to me.” A variety of local country musicians have also been booked for Smokin’ Pit BBQ to bring music to Dirt Days on Friday and Saturday nights.

Justin started the event through his restaurant, but they will not be the only local vendors attending Dirt Days. After the planning started, Justin turned things over to the Tug Valley CVB, who have involved a variety of local food vendors. Wes Wilson, the managing director of the CVB, is also enthusiastic about the event. “We're super excited about this as Williamson has never hosted a trail-riding event.”

Good, Clean Fun for Everyone

The founders hope to see close to 1,000 participants, and more than 300 people have already signed up. Justin is looking forward to Dirt Days and its success. “As a trail rider and one of the founders of the event, I am excited to market the local area and focus on good, clean fun for everyone,” he says.

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