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Williamson Parks and Rec Pickleball Program

#StayingHealthy and Growing Community with the Williamson Parks and Rec Pickleball Program 

Have you heard of pickleball? If you haven’t you might be behind on playing what Jarrod Dean, Executive Director of Williamson Parks and Recreation, describes as “the fastest growing sport in America right now.” According to him, pickleball is a kind of a combination of tennis and ping pong, in which you play on a smaller court using a wiffleball-like ball and paddles. This sport, like Jarrod said, is on the rise, and is developing a presence in “every community,” and the folks with Williamson Parks and Rec want to be a part of it. 

A Dream Come True 

It all started back in 2020, when Jerry Akers, a Williamson resident, visited Jarrod and asked if he had heard of pickleball. Jerry explained the sport and asked if he could play inside of the Williamson Fieldhouse. Soon, Jarrod was playing the game with Jerry and his wife Kim, and, as he says, he “fell in love with the sport.” Fast forward to now, and they have introduced and developed a new pickleball program in the area, with Jerry and Kim serving as pickleball ambassadors and program managers. 

Williamson Parks and Rec has now installed brand new outdoor pickleball courts, something Jarrod describes as a “dream” for both Jerry and Kim. Parks and Rec hope that this helps to create a community in Williamson where people can feel they belong. “We consider that our theme for this year,” He says. “We want to push people into our parks and show them that they have a place they can belong.” 

The Pickleball courts came about with the support of many businesses and private individuals in the Williamson area, who came together out of their commitment to bringing the best to the entire county and region. 

Jarrod says through this new development they hope people will see that their organization is working tirelessly to enhance the health and wellness of the community. Want to join in on the fun? Check out the Williamson Parks and Rec Pickleball Program Facebook page for all kinds of fun pictures and updates on the program. Have fun out there!

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