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#LocalBusiness: Family Frosting

#LocalBusiness: Family Frosting 

If you’re ever looking for an idea for a business, you can always look to your family, though perhaps not in the way you’d expect. That’s how it was for Tiffany Adkins, who always brings the dessert to family holidays because “they think I can’t cook,” she says with a laugh. Fast forward to November 2023, when Tiffany thought “I’ll show them!” She entered a home chef showcase competition, and won first place in the desserts category. “After that, we decided we were gonna be bakers and really pursue what we love: making affordable desserts for people.” 

Delicious Treats for Everyone 

Now, Tiffany offers cookies and cakes to the community as Family Frosting. Family Frosting offers a variety of different specialty cookies and cakes. Their top sellers are probably their s’mores and Cookie Monster cookies, though Tiffany’s favorite is their sugar cookie. “It’s not your traditional hard sugar cookie you think of with royal icing,” She says. “It’s soft and the icing has a soft bite as well.” 

Family Frosting will be opening a shelf business space in The Collective Retail & Artisan Shops in downtown Williamson very soon, and after that, they’ll be offering some new flavors. This will include “The Hatfield,” a cocoa pebble cookie, and “The McCoy,” a fruity pebble cookie. They will also sell sets, and begin offering seasonal sugar cookies and specialty cookies of the month. 

Tiffany is enthusiastic about the chance to run a business that benefits the community, describing her favorite thing as “being able to offer affordable desserts for people’s special occasions, to people who might not be able to get them otherwise.” She frequently offers giveaways and enjoys “giving back to the community.” 

If you want to check out all the cookies and other sweet treats that Family Frosting has to offer, check out their Facebook page, and be sure to check out their new location in The Collective soon! 

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