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#LocalBusiness: JJ Sports

#LocalBusiness: JJ Sports 

 A shortage of gym space in the area that’s open to kids is what inspired Justin Marcum to open JJ Sports, a sports complex and event rental space in downtown Williamson. The facility is located in the former Sacred Heart School Gym. 

“We’re a training facility for children,” Justin says. “We’re geared towards basketball right now, and we are working on an event center for birthdays and more.” He says. “We’re also working on hosting some basketball skills classes.” Right now, they frequently host “free, open gym sessions” for kids in the area. 

Giving Local Kids Place to Play 

Justin and those working with him. are happy to have “rescued” the building on behalf of local kids, and they’re excited to offer this to Williamson’s youth. “We hope to give the kids a place to go work on their skills, have fun, and stay out of trouble,” he says. “We lack easy access to gym facilities in our area, and this allows us to offer the kids more gym time.” 

In the future, JJ Sports hopes to expand into offering training classes for volleyball, tennis, baseball, softball, and football. Until then, young basketball players now have a great place to spend afternoons and shoot some hoops! To check out JJ Sports and keep an eye on their hours and expanding services, check out their Facebook page, where they regularly post updates about their classes and free times. 


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