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Enchanted Forest Dance Recital

On Saturday, June 15, 72 young dancers between the ages of 2 and a half to 14 took the stage at Belfry High School. The Enchanted Forest Dance Recital was the fourth June recital performed by the students of Debbie’s Dance Studio, and was, in Debbie’s opinion, “the best one yet”.

Dancing Through the Forest

Past June recitals have featured themes of dream worlds in the minds of the dancers, and a “once upon a time” theme featuring characters and stories from various famous fairy tales. This year’s theme was a story revolving around the titular Enchanted Forest, and Debbie began planning for it in summer 2018. She was inspired by the different fantasy elements she could imagine taking place in the forest. “I let the idea stay in my mind… as classes were formed, I saw… how many dances were needed, then I let their personalities lead me to their dances… sometimes the dancers themselves led me to the idea of their dance.”

The recital began with dancers playing Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit. The pair dance into the forest to discover a cast of magical characters, including everything from mice and frogs to unicorns and princesses. The audience of almost 500 enjoyed 25 different performances, including jazz and ballet dancing.

Plans for an Enchanted Future

Debbie and her students will take a break from classes during the summer, but she will still be working hard for her students. She’s already thinking about next June’s recital. “I’m nervous of trying to top it (the Enchanted Forest Recital) next year. But it will come to me.”

Starting July 23rd, Debbie’s dance studio will host a week-long summer camp including dance instruction, arts and crafts, and-- of course-- snacks. Fall registration for the studio will begin in August, and at the end of the month, classes will resume, and students will begin working towards their annual Christmas recital. Those interested in registering their children for classes at Debbie’s Dance Studio can contact the studio via Facebook.

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