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Floatin’ is All I Wanna Do

Down to the River!

Around 100 people got their float on during the 3rd Annual Hatfield McCoy House Inn Flotilla on Saturday, June 22nd. From mermaid floats to kayaks, it was an “anything that floats” kind of day on the Tug Fork River!

Groups from Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia made the trip to enjoy a day on the river.

The float launched from the Hatfield McCoy Park in McCarr, Kentucky. The river enthusiasts had a chance to grab their morning coffee from the Blessed Bites Food Truck before heading out for the day.

Jessica and Chris Hackney, owners of the Hatfield McCoy House Inn, were excited to see many new faces along with familiar faces.

“We have several locals and visitors from the Pittsburgh area joining us for their second and third time,” says Jessica.

Tyler Black of Milton, West Virginia says, “This is my 3rd year doing the float. I come here to relax and enjoy the view. It’s awesome down here!”

The Hackneys remember the first year, the float had around 30 participants while year two hosted approximately 350! With recent rainy weather conditions, the number was down this time, but spirits were not dampened.

“We absolutely will continue to host this float and we are certain it will grow” declares Jessica.

Shortly after 10 a.m., the float launched with laughter and good times. A few hours later the flotilla landed at “Burnwell Beach” in Burnwell, Kentucky. The food truck was at the ending point, so everyone was able to hang out, eat, and talk about the float.

Making an Impact

With individuals like Chris and Jessica Hackney and groups such as Friends of the Tug Fork River working to improve river conditions and develop more access points, the river is quickly becoming a tourist attraction. Not only is their hard work bringing tourism, but it’s also giving more water adventure opportunities for locals to enjoy.

“We’re not quite there yet with our river activities, but we’re getting there. For example, we don’t charge to float, but we have shuttle service offered at a fee, we have businesses here offering kayak and float rentals, the food truck is selling different things, rooms are booked at local lodging and camping. It has an impact,” Jessica says.

Like the saying goes, a day spent on the river is a good day! See ya’ next year at the Hatfield McCoy House Inn Flotilla on the Tug Fork River!

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