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Freedom Fest and Thunder in the Valley Returns on July 3rd!

Bringing the Celebration for 40 Years

The Belfry Fire Department has been bringing thunder to this valley for 40 years(!), with their annual Thunder in the Valley Fireworks show. This Saturday, July 3rd, they’ll be bringing it again, at 10:05 pm-- and what better way to celebrate Independence Day?

Thunder in the Valley will follow the South Side Mall’s Freedom Fest, which will offer a variety of indoor and outdoor shopping offered by local vendors, as well as a variety of food vendors, and music! Local music favorite, The Jaguars, will be performing inside the mall from 5:30pm-9:00pm. Vendor slots are still open, and those interested in becoming a Freedom Fest vendor can sign up here. This event is free to all, activities start at 10 am, and run until 10pm, right before the fireworks start.

If you’re looking to have a great day before you celebrate July 4th on Sunday, be sure to check out Freedom Fest! Visit here or here for more information and schedule details for the day!

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