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Healthy Feud 2019: Success Starts With You!

Are you ready to start the Feud again? No, not that kind of feud! It’s time for the Williamson Health and Wellness Center’s Healthy Feud 2019!

Healthy Feud…what?

Healthy Feud is a free 6-week program to get you moving and keep you motivated! It’s not just about being active, it’s about making a lifestyle change.

“Our goal for the Healthy Feud program is to increase healthier lifestyles through physical activity,” says Heather Wolford, Healthy Living Coordinator for Williamson Health and Wellness.

Success Starts with You!

Before you can be successful in the Healthy Feud, you’ll need to sign up! Registration is open now and the program runs September 23rd through November 3rd. Gather your team of 8-12 members, then with a few quick clicks, you’ll create your own account online allowing you to track your physical activity. After you’re finished, each team member will do the same, simple registration process.

This isn’t just a walking program! Running, walking, dancing, going to the gym for a workout, it all counts toward your physical activity goal! Each team member is supposed to walk or do an activity that is equivalent to walking at least one mile per day!

At the end of the program, you will see which team is the top-dog on the Healthy Feud Leaderboard.

Get Started Feudin’!

Here’s all you need to do!

Click this link:

Create your personal account and if you’re a team captain, you’ll create your team name. Don’t forget to decide which family you’ll be a part of: Hatfield or McCoy.

Give your teammates the team name and team password so they can register too! When the program kicks off on September 23rd, you’ll start logging in and logging those activities!

At the end of the feud, the top 10 participants and the top 10 teams will be recognized.

Be an Inspiration

Inspire and motivate each other! It’s more fun to get healthy and live a fit lifestyle when you have your team with you!

Heather says, “The inspiration we have behind the Healthy Feud is getting families, friends, and co-workers together to enjoy a free program on making healthy decisions. We want them to make this change for life, not just 6 weeks.”

What are you waiting for? Get clicking, then get moving!

Find more information about Healthy Feud 2019 and other Williamson Health and Wellness healthy living programs by following their Facebook page:

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