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In Your Words: Back to School Memories

For most adults, “back-to-school” time is full of memories-- buying school supplies, a night full of excitement the night before the first day, and finally seeing your school friends after months apart. Williamson Forward reached out to folks throughout the area to hear their favorite back to school memories.

Reconnecting With Friends

For Tug Valley High School graduate David Jewell, the best part of heading back to school was getting to hear what his friends were up to over the summer. He says, “Most of my favorite memories about school starting back are finding out what my friends did during the summer. That was well before social media, so you actually had to write letters or call on landline phones.”

Max Gilliam, a recent Belfry High School graduate, feels the same way. “My favorite back to school memory would be getting to see my friends again, and talking about what we did over summer break,” he says.

Mingo Central High School graduate Liam Dotson has a more specific favorite memory-- that time he missed the first two periods of his last first day of school, during his senior year. “I really only have one memory, and it’s kinda funny,” he continues, “I was late to my first day of senior year of high two periods late, because I overslept.”

Liam’s brother and fellow Mingo Central High School graduate, Jace Dotson, has a more general memory. “It’s not an exact memory, but I’ll always miss the feeling of getting ready for bed the night before school,” he says.

Go Wolfpack!

For some graduates of Williamson High School, their back to school memories relate specifically to being a part of the Wolfpack.

“I was always excited about returning to school,” says Randall Sanger, “especially during my high school years, because that meant reconnecting with friends, hanging out on the breezeway, and getting to play football for the Wolfpack.”

Angie-Dotson Brock enjoyed getting to come back to school to support the Wolfpack, among other things. “My favorite memory of returning to school was seeing who you had classes with, walking to Little Venice Pizza, Mary’s, and the Smokehouse Grill for lunch. I also enjoyed attending the Williamson Wolfpack football and basketball games,” she says.

In the coming days, we hope you take the time to appreciate all of your own favorite back to school memories!

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