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It's National Volunteer Month!

April is National Volunteer Month!

National Volunteer Month has been observed for decades. This is a great way to encourage folks across the country to get involved, and volunteer for their community. There are plenty of volunteer based organizations in the Williamson area that might be a great fit for you and Williamson Forward has gathered up a list of some of these organizations and clubs.

The Williamson Rotary Club has been serving Williamson since 1946. It started as a way to bring business owners together. Since then, it’s evolved, and now it brings together leaders from throughout the community to work on a variety of humanitarian causes in the area. The Rotary Club has worked on a variety of projects in the area, particularly events for kids.

Christian Help of Mingo County helps people and animals throughout the area in many different ways, including help with bills, housing stray animals, and a yearly Christmas distribution. Christian Help has been around for 25 years, and they would be a great org for anyone to spend their time supporting.

Jacob’s Well Mission feeds the local needy 7 days a week. Meals are offered 11-1 on Monday through Saturday, Sunday morning from 9-10 am, and Friday and Saturday night!

The Tug Valley Recovery Shelter has been serving women and children in need since 1982. They offer 11 beds to those in need throughout the community, and help victims of domestic violence find the resources they need.

The GFWC WV Williamson Women’s Club also serves Williamson in a variety of ways, bringing women throughout the area together to serve their community.

If you’re not looking to join a group, consider gathering friends, family, or neighbors to do a clean-up day in your community. If you know someone who has trouble doing yard work or taking care of errands, volunteer to help out!

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Volunteer Month, we hope you take the opportunity to make April a month to give back.


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