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It’s Time for A Hardy Party at the Williamson Field House!

#LiveProWrestling in Williamson!

Williamson has been a hotspot for local wrestling fans lately, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Back in February, Gary Damron helped to organize and run ASW’s My Bloody Valentine. Now, he’s bringing another big event to the area, with a Live Pro Wrestling event, dubbed “A Hardy Party” featuring a famous wrestler, Matt Hardy.

Gary has been a fan of professional wrestling since his childhood, and as a young adult, he started promoting his own shows. In 2006, he started ASW and he never looked back. He has now been promoting shows for 17 years across WV. He loves wrestling and believes that “it is a way to escape the world and let off some steam.”

After the recent success of “My Bloody Valentine,” he wanted to bring another big star to Williamson, so he reached out to Matt, who has never been to Williamson, and scheduled a visit. He’s excited for what this event will bring.

“Our event brings a family fun atmosphere,” He says. “It’s a night of excitement for all ages.”

The event will be at the Historic Williamson Fieldhouse, a venue Gary appreciates. “I love the Williamson Fieldhouse,” He says. “It gives our show a very old school look and atmosphere.” It helps that he loves the people as well, saying that “the people have welcomed us with open arms, so we feel at home in Williamson.”

Want to experience the action in person? This wrestling event will be May 6, 2023, and advance tickets can be purchased at Williamson Gun and Archery. Otherwise, you can purchase day of; first and second row seats are $20 and the rest are $15. Meet and greet with Matt Hardy starts at 5pm, and the bell will ring to kick off the event at 7pm sharp!

See you at the party!

*opening graphic from Gary Damron, ASW Wrestling


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