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Jr. Chef Classes: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

All classes, meetings, and conferences seem to start with an ice-breaker question. That’s how the Bread in a Bag cooking class started too.

“What goes good with bread?” asked Kristen Deboard, Nutrition and Marketing Manager at Williamson Health and Wellness Center.

Butter was the first thing that came to my mind, but one child exclaimed, “Peanut Butter and cheese!!!!” I think he meant together. You never know what children will say and that’s some of the fun of the Jr. Chef Classes.

Jr. Chef Bread in a Bag Class

Each month the Williamson Farmer’s Market and Healthy in the Hills team leads the Jr. Chef classes to teach children the importance of healthy eating and much more. As children arrive, they are welcomed to the class and given an apron and chef hat to wear. Nearly 20 smiling faces were ready to learn the art of bread and butter making.

Kristen started the class with the basics- the importance of hand-washing and cleanliness while cooking. Next, she explained how to use measuring cups, the different types of flour, and how yeast makes the bread rise. The children were listening closely and loving the class. The best thing was, the adults in the room weren’t doing it for them, this was hands-on for the kids. They were learning to measure and follow the recipes all on their own.

Life Skills Disguised as Fun

“I think cooking is an important life lesson for kids to learn. My kids have loved every Jr. Chef class they’ve come to. Kristen does great with them. She puts it on a kid’s level. I have been really pleased that the kids aren’t just observing, they are doing all the steps. It’s very hands-on,” said Anna Moore, mom of two Jr. Chefs.

With a focus on nutrition education and healthy eating choices, the kids are doing more than having a fun night with friends. One of Kristen’s goals for the class is teaching kids how to make nutritionally sound food choices while they enjoy the activity. Looking at the smiles, hearing the laughter, and listening to the kids talk about healthy foods, I think she has achieved that goal.

Get In On The Action

The Jr. Chef Classes are scheduled monthly and have a limited number of slots each time. To check the class schedule, follow the Williamson Farmer’s Market or Healthy in the Hills Facebook pages.

P.S.- Bread with butter and honey is my favorite. I don’t think I’m ready to try a peanut butter and cheese sandwich yet.

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