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June 8th is National Best Friends Day!

National Best Friends Day was founded by Colleen Paige to celebrate the bond between folks and their best friends– whether those best friends are other people, or if they’re a dog, cat, or other bestie from the animal kingdom! Also called BFF Day or Bestie’s Day, Best Friends Day is June 8, and it’s a great day to celebrate the friendships that make your life great.

. Williamson Forward has put together some of the best ways to celebrate BFF Day in this area.

Eat, Drink, & Relax!

One way, of course, is to celebrate by getting together with your bestie– or besties– for a nice meal together. Eating together is a classic way to share a little joy with the people you love, and Williamson has plenty to offer local foodies. Starters Sports Bar and Grill has been offering delicious beverages from their full bar, as well as plenty of delicious meals, since 1994.

If Starters isn’t your speed, 34:ate is a lunch cafe offering a relaxed vibe and delicious food! If pizza is the food of choice for you and your crew, head over to 3 Guys Pizza & Brew in Williamson. Of course, for those of you who prefer a sweet drink to a hearty meal, Sippin’ on 2nd offers protein shakes, flavored teas, and iced coffee on the daily. As always, you can invite your BFF out for a cup of coffee and great conversation at Coal Cafe located in the Mountaineer Hotel.

Ready to relax? ,Sanctuary on 2nd, could be the perfect place to relax with your best friend. They do accept same-day arrangements for the float and salt rooms> Check them out online or give them a call for an appointment.

The Great Outdoors

If you’re looking for something more pet-friendly and outdoorsy, Williamson has no shortage of fantastic activities for those who prefer being outside.. In addition to the Hatfield-McCoy Trails, which you no doubt already have on your mental to-do list, spots like Laurel Lake in Lenore, West Virginia would be perfect for a picnic. Maybe you’d prefer a hike to places in and around Williamson like Death Rock and Picnic Rock.

If you don’t want to head out too far, even a walk around town can be a great way to celebrate and acknowledge the day, all while stretching your legs with your pal. This also gives you the chance to do a little window shopping around town, and to check out the Coal House on 2nd Avenue, one of our area’s most recognizable landmarks. Bonus: The Coal House also contains a shop, giving you the chance to pick out a great gift for your bestie while you’re there!

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Best Friends’ Day, this day is a wonderful reminder to show a little love to the people you love the most. For more ideas, check out the official website.


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