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Learn, Play, Grow: A Garden Experience for Children

Kristin DeBoard believes that kids are the farmers of the future. “If we can teach kids to backyard garden for themselves now then maybe one day, they will farm for the community!” It’s this way of thinking that birthed the idea for “Learn, Play, Grow: A Garden Experience for Children”.

Teaching the “Farmers of the Future”

The Garden Experience will take place in early July. The curriculum, which Kristin put together herself, will teach kids the basics of gardening, from sun and soil to water and worms. Kids will “investigate” parts of the plants and learn more about the growth cycle of food, as well as participate in a scavenger hunt.

“It will connect kids to the dirt, or ‘to their roots’, so to speak.” Says Kristin. “Kids have a lot of technology taught to them from school, home, and personal media, but not many are out playing in the dirt, and they need that.” With this day camp, she’s hoping to give kids the skill sets they’ll need to grow their own food at home, and teach them more about where their food comes from. “We can’t live without farmers and growers. Food is a vital part of our life, and kids need to it grows.”

“Learn, Play, Grow: A Garden Experience for Children” will take place July 8-9 and again from July 10-12 in the community garden in East Williamson. Those interested can learn more about the event from their facebook page.

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