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Live Pro Wrestling Returns to the Williamson Field House

Live pro wrestling makes its way to Williamson on Saturday, June 4th! WWE Hall of Fame wrestlers,Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton, better known as Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, are bringing their farewell tour, along with several other well-known wrestlers, to the Historic Williamson Field House!

According to Williamson Parks and Recreation Executive Director Jarrod Dean, the last time an event such as this was held at the Williamson Field House was in the 1980’s.

“I think the excitement to see this event coming back to the Williamson Field House is because people remember events like this being fun and entertaining. Some of these very wrestlers coming to the June event, were at the last event like this in the 80’s. I believe our customers are loving that the last time they attended an event like this at the Field House were with some of these very same wrestlers,” says Jarrod.

Judging by social media posts and comments about the event, it’s certainly bringing up some nostalgic memories for 80’s wrestling fans! Many remembering Rock ‘n’ Roll Express being their favorite duo and recalling their WWE poster hanging in their bedroom. From young to old, this will be an event for everyone to enjoy.

Jarrod tells us this event was scheduled after he was contacted by a wrestler and passionate person that wants to help our area. “I believe this partnership will be a long lasting relationship giving way to many different events for us to offer. I’m excited to be working with such a professional and passionate partner. We have many things in the works and I’m excited for the people of our community about what we will be rolling out in the coming months,” he says.

On the bill for Saturday night, in addition to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express are:

WWF and WCW wrestler, Mr. Hughes, WCW and ECW wrestler Tommy Rich, Eric Small and MIcro Warrior, Chic Donovan, Kerry Morton, Chris Cannon, Misery, The Russian, and Thunderfoot. Tickets are available now at The Coal House in downtown Williamson, the Williamson Field House, and will be available at the gate. Doors open at 6:00pm, the event begins at 7:00pm. General admission tickets are $10, ringside $15, VIP Meet & Greet $25, and kids age 12 and under are $5.

So, what other types of events and shows will be coming to the Historic Williamson Field House? Jarrod says, “I think it’s important that we continue to innovate, develop and diversify what we do with our grounds and facilities. Not every event will be packed out like others and not everyone will attend every event. That’s why we keep diversifying our efforts. My goal is to show we can do just about anything in that facility, just like others around the region do with similar facilities.”

The idea of the Williamson Field House becoming a hub for shows and activities is an exciting thought for many residents,especially those that recall the excitement of shows that used to come to there. Now, as Williamson Parks and Recreation ramps up their efforts to upgrade their facilities and properties, as well as provide quality events and services to both area residents and tourists, it becomes a community effort.

On this note Jarrod adds, “The Parks Commission is committed to developing and fostering relationships and partnerships with anyone that wants to see Williamson, Mingo County, and our entire region move to the next level. We have shifted our focus and our drive to this mentality with the goal of allowing people the opportunity to make their events come to fruition and see others make an impact in the area. We all should be one ship moving forward with the same goals and motives. To that we say, on we go!!!”

You’ll find more information about the upcoming wrestling event, as well as all upcoming events for Williamson Parks and Recreation by following their Facebook page.

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