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#LocalBusiness Local Lumber & Supply

Local Lumber & Supply, located in the former 84 Lumber complex in Chattaroy, is providing more than building supplies. This business is filling a need in the community.

Filling the Order: Materials & Local Jobs

When 84 Lumber closed their doors, local contractors and DIY’ers in the area lost the place where they could quickly run for their supplies. Seeing the need for this business in the community Dr. Dino Beckett, Jody Gooslin, and Murphy Poindexter decided to purchase the business space and re-open it. After renovating and stocking the inventory, Local Lumber &

Supply opened on December 2, 2019.

One member of the group, Jody Gooslin has been a contractor for 13 years now, so he knows first-hand the need for this type of business in our area.

“I’m a contractor at heart. When 84 Lumber closed, it impacted our area not just the jobs that were lost, but the materials we need locally. Rather than driving an hour or more to get what’s needed for projects we can get them close by again, “says Gooslin.

While the business is filling the material need of building and construction supplies, Local Lumber is also supporting their community by providing jobs. The trio knew that any job loss, whether its 5 jobs or 55 jobs, means someone is feeling the pain of being unemployed. This was another guiding factor in opening this business. Currently, they employ 7 full-time employees and hope to add an 8th soon.

Are You Ready to Start a Project?

Local Lumber & Supply carries a huge inventory of building supplies. Lumber, drywall, quality paint supplies, kitchen, bath, windows, doors, you name it, they have it!

“We also carry mobile home materials. We try to keep that in stock, because from Pikeville, KY to Charleston, WV there’s only a couple of places that carry those materials in stock,” explains Gooslin.

Maybe you’re a weekend warrior looking to tackle an at-home project but need a bit of help starting the job. The staff can assist you with measurements and different aspects of getting ready for your project. If you decide you need help from a contractor, they can connect you with someone suited to your task. For local contractors, there’s a contractor board inside Local Lumber where you can hang up your contact information too.

The Specs

Using GPS? Local Lumber & Supply is located at 4460 Buffalo Creek Road, Williamson, WV. Do you just want directions? The business is in the former 84 Lumber complex in Chattaroy, WV. Still not sure where that is? From Buffalo Mountain, take the Chattaroy turn, it’s on the left. From Route 119, take the Chattaroy exit, travel approximately 4 miles, and it’s on the right. Store hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. - 4 .pm. You can also give them a call at 304-236-3565.

You’ll want to follow the Local Lumber & Supply Facebook page too. A grand opening celebration is being planned for the first week of March. Watch for details!

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