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Magnolia Festival Pageant June 11th

The Importance of Pageants

Amy Dearfield Hannah has 25 years experience directing pageants. Amy says, “I see them as an opportunity for ladies to build self confidence, become a better public speaker and communicator, learn the importance of community service, and create lifelong bonds and memories.”

“Pageants have been a part of fairs and festivals for decades,” she says. “So, I reached out to the Town of Matewan when I learned that the Magnolia Festival was going to take place in June, and asked if I could start the Miss Magnolia Festival Pageant.”

About the Magnolia Festival Pageant

The Miss Magnolia Festival Pageant will take place on June 11, and it will take place in 2 different segments, Amy explains, “The first segment, the Little Miss Magnolia Pageant, will start at 7pm, and will be for kids from infant to 12 years old, with divisions for 0-11 months old, 12-23 months, 2-3 years, 4-6 years, 7-9 years, and 10-12 years.” She adds that the attire for the kids will be summer attire, and each division will have a queen. A photo may also be entered for a photogenic competition, and side awards will be given for Most Beautiful and Best Summer Wear. A Mega-Supreme Queen and Grand Supreme Queen will also be crowned.

The second segment, the Miss Magnolia Festival Pageant will start at 8pm, and will feature a teen category, for ages 13-15, a Miss category for ages 16-19, and a Ms. category for ages 20 and up-all martial statuses eligible. “These ladies will compete in summer wear for the beauty portion,” Amy says. “They will also have a fun fashion segment where they are given the opportunity to showcase their personality.” Additional side awards will be available, and organizers are currently working on prize packages for the Teen, Miss, and Ms winners. Winners of these competitions will also represent the Town of Matewan at events until the next pageant in 2022.

According to Amy, there’s only one requirement, and it goes for every contestant. “The only requirement for any and all contestants is that you come to have fun!”

Entry Information

Entry fees for the Magnolia Festival Pageant are $50 and entry deadline is May 28th. To enter you can contact Amy at 304-784-0403.

To learn more about the Magnolia Festival Pageant or keep up with updates, check out the Facebook event page !

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