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Maison De Couleurs: An Art Exhibit by Debra McClanahan


Local artist Debra McClanahan describes her art as her "own ministry of sorts," celebrating her faith and exploring Jesus' role as the "tree of life." She will be celebrating these works in an upcoming exhibition, Maison De Couleurs, or House of Colors. 

This exhibition will focus on color and light, and reflect on the way that Debra's faith has brought "beauty and light" into her own life. "I hope my pieces may reflect and follow that," she says. 


While she loves all of her works, she finds it hard to pick just one favorite. "I have many favorites," she says. "Each piece has its own meaning, memories, and future thoughts and emotions it will conjure."

She believes this event will be a positive for the community. "It's something different," she says. "And change can be a catalyst than can manifest in many ways." 

Maison de Couleurs will open August 19 at 6pm in The Collective Retail & Artisan Shops located on 2nd Avenue in downtown Williamson across from the Mingo County Courthouse.  


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