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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at Mingo Central High School

Solving Mysteries for a Cause

“How many times have you watched something on TV or played a board game and wanted it to come to life?” asks Corey Hatfield, Instructor of Mingo Central High School Cadet Central. “This is a great opportunity to do just that, and put your detective skills to the test.” Corey is talking about the MCHS Murder Mystery Dinner scheduled for Friday, January 28th beginning at 7:00pm at the school. This event is a fundraiser hosted by Cadet Central, a simulated workplace for the educators of tomorrow.

The plot of the murder mystery dinner will focus on a group of guests at a mysterious ski resort during a blizzard. When the blizzard causes the power to go out, they find one of their own has been stabbed. From there, it’s plenty of fun for actors and guests as they attempt to solve the mystery and find the culprit. “Guests who are attending will have the opportunity to act as a detective by questioning suspects and examining the clues.”

Dinner for the evening will be prepared by the Mingo Central Miner Café, described by Corey as a student simulated culinary workplace. The theater portion of the evening will be presented by the Murder and Merriment entertainment group.

Money raised during this fundraiser will go towards the Educators Rising Spring Competition in Wheeling, West Virginia and will help to cover the travelling expenses for the students. It will also be a great way to bring a little something special to do to the area. “I think this is a great opportunity for residents of Mingo and surrounding counties to have an evening out,” Corey says.

Tickets for the Murder Mystery Dinner are on sale now! Cost is $35 per person and you can purchase your tickets by contacting Corey at or call 304-426-6603. All tickets must be purchased prior to the event. To find more information, visit the Facebook event page. Good luck solving the mystery!

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