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Music at the Market

The Williamson Farmers Market is an especially popular business in Williamson. Open from May to November every Saturday, it attracts folks from all around Williamson and is a great place to get locally grown fruits and veggies. Thanks to Music at the Market, it can also be a great place to hear some local musicians.

Music Meets the Market

The Williamson Farmer’s Market hosts a local musician one Saturday of every month through September. “We are trying to...turn the market into a communal gathering place, not just a shopping center, but a place for the community to come together and enjoy things on the weekend,” Says Kristen DeBoard, who helps to organize Music at the Market and other events at the Farmer’s Market. “Music and Arts are two things that don’t often come around free to the public so if we can host that and still have our main purpose clear (increase access to fresh fruit and vegetables) then it’s a win-win situation.”

The market featured a handful of musicians last year, but they didn’t have the kind of consistent schedule that they have this year. This new addition to the market has been a hit, says Maria Arnot, another organizer. “It adds some excitement to the market… people like to listen while they shop, and the vendors really enjoy it.”

Kristen and Maria both enjoy the chance to feature local musicians. “We like to highlight local talent,” says Maria. Those interested in hearing the local musicians still have 3 more chances to come to Music at the Market: June 29, July 13, and September 21st. Music will start at 11 am. To learn more, visit the Music at the Market Facebook page.

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