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National Picnic Month

July is the heart of summertime, and it just so happens to also be National Picnic Month. Picnics are summer tradition that anyone can take part in, and luckily, we have some great spots to do just that right here at home. Pack up a big basket full of sandwiches, fresh watermelon, and your other favorite summer treats and head out to one of these great places!

A Summer Getaway Right Here At Home

For most people, the beach is the perfect place to relax. Well, the ocean is a long haul from Williamson, but that doesn’t mean the beach is. Burnwell Beach is a hidden treasure chest for all kinds of summer adventures. It’s the perfect location to relax in the sand, take a quick dip in the Tug River, and of course, have a delicious picnic. You can bring a blanket and eat in the sand or you can sit at one of the picnic tables they have available. Burnwell beach offers much more than the great picnic areas. You can spend the whole day here with the family swimming, fishing, or even kayaking. Just bring along your lunch and have a perfect summer getaway right here at home!

A Playful Picnic

Kids are out of school for the summer, and it’s easy for them to get bored with the stuff at home. Community parks are the perfect place for the kids to have fun and for a family picnic. There is a wide range of options around when it comes to parks. For those over towards the West End of Williamson, there is a park and shelter near the softball field and a beach volleyball court close by. For those a little closer to

Matewan, the Beech Creek Community Park provides a great playground for kids to have fun and a covered shelter for parents to stay shaded. All of these locations have great options for those who want a more traditional picnic on the ground and for those who are looking for a picnic table. Parks are one of the most classic places for a picnic, and our area doesn’t fall short on any of the great perks that come with a picnic at the park.

Picnickin’ and Fishin’

On the Kentucky side of the river, Grants Branch Park is one of the go-to places for summertime fun. Grants Branch is an 11.3 acre body of water full of fresh fish, and the area surely plays this up as one of their main attractions. In fact, the park even has a handicap-accessible fishing pier to accommodate anyone who wants to join in on the fun. Aside from fishing the venue also offers some other opportunities for visitors such as playgrounds, two on-site shelters with a place to grill, a rental cabin for events, and a nature trail. With great views and plenty of activities, this is one of the best locations for a picnic!

Picnicking is a great way to get out and about this summer, and all of these places offer something different for the perfect picnic! Since it’s officially National Picnic Month, there is no better time to get out and celebrate this summertime tradition close to home!

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