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National Women's Health Week 2021

May 9th-15th is National Women’s Health Week. This health week observance is led by the US Department of Health and Human Resources Office on Women’s Health. According to the Office on Women's Health, this week is to remind women and girls of the importance of being mindful of their health. Women often ignore their own health while caring for others, but now is the time for women to reflect on their own health needs.

During this week, take time to schedule any overdue health screenings such as mammogram, pap smear, bone density testing, eye and dental exams, and blood work panels for cholesterol, diabetes, and more. Many doctor offices and labs now offer wellness panels which will test for a variety of things during your lab work.

This is also a good time to think about your physical activity levels. If you find yourself being mostly sedentary, think of ways to increase your physical activity. Take a walk along the Williamson floodwall or if you’re feeling more adventurous try a hike along one of the scenic trails in our area. If you want to set a goal to become a runner, join the Tug Valley Road Runners Club for Tuesday Night Track at Belfry High School.

Are you eating a well-balanced diet? If not, talk with your doctor about how to improve your eating habits. Make sure you’re getting enough fruits and vegetables each day! Try to avoid overindulging on empty calorie foods, processed foods, high sodium snacks, and sugary drinks.

Finally, don’t neglect your mental health. Try activities like yoga which are both beneficial for mental and physical health. Stay connected to family and friends as a support system. Try journaling as a method to manage stress. If needed, don’t hesitate to reach out for help by making an appointment with a mental health professional.

You can find more information about Women’s Health Week at:

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