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New Heights Consortium: Inspiring Community Growth

Press Release 02/07/2021

With support from a Health Services & Resource Administration Rural Community Opioid Response Planning (RCORP) grant, Williamson Health & Wellness Center launched a new consortium called New Heights which is comprised of multiple stakeholders including Area Health Education Center, Mingo County Family Resource Network, Mingo County Health Department, Serenity Pointe, Recovery Community, Williamson Parks & Recreation, Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce, and will be reaching out to additional partners, to create a plan that will help our community to address prevention, treatment and recovery in Mingo County and the surrounding area.

Over the past three months, New Heights conducted a needs assessment and gap analysis by having several focus groups and collecting anonymous surveys to hear the concerns and ideas from citizens, churches, businesses and agencies about treatment, prevention, and recovery.

Throughout the process of gathering community data and feedback, several topics came up such as job opportunities, transportation, youth activities and mental health. By learning from the community at large, New Heights hopes to set out on a positive path forward!

New Heights Consortium is also excited to announce an opportunity that supports people in recovery and individuals who have never had jobs before. New Heights Training will partner with local employers to provide on the job training and job placements in certain industries such as flooring, HVAC, agriculture, culinary arts, and tourism.

"The Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce is excited to be a part of the New Heights Consortium. We look forward to working with the team to help improve all of our communities and the lives of our residents, " says Chris Dotson, Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce President.

Williamson Parks & Recreation Director, Jarrod Dean adds, “It is an honor to be working with the consortium. It’s time we invest in people and it’s time we start being a part of the solution in our community instead of being ok with the cause and problems facing our community. If we base our futures on our past, we have no future. Proud to be a part of this.”

The New Heights team includes Elizabeth Wells, Kobie Coburn, Kaitlyn Helsel and Nathaniel Siggers who all have high hopes, “Our vision is to be the bridge of opportunity by inspiring community growth through unity, encouragement and dedication!”

Make sure to check out their Facebook page, New Heights Consortium and be on the lookout for their website debut!

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