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Open House at Old Mountain Field Fine Arts and Crafts

A Celebration of the Arts at the OMFFAC Open House 

Since the 1970s, Sturgill Mountain Homestead has offered a variety of farm-grown and handmade goods to the community at large, and since Spring 2023, they’ve brought fine arts and crafts to the community with their business, Old Mountain Field Fine Arts and Crafts. (OMFFAC for short.) 

Supporting WV and KY Creatives 

Pauline Sturgill, one of the three Sturgill women who founded the business, describe it as a place for her family to showcase their creativity. “We are a family of artists,” She says. “And we had been looking for a place to show our work.” Joining up with the Collective allowed them the chance to make that space for themselves. Per their mission statement, they are committed to promoting the works of West Virginian and Kentuckian artists and craftspeople, especially the work of women.” 

A Growing Business 

In the 7 months since opening, “our little shop has grown to represent over 15 artists and craftspeople,” Pauline says, and they’re still growing. “We carry pottery, stained glass, baskets, original art, textiles, toys, and so much more.” When OMFFAC first opened, Pauline and her daughters were barely able to occupy one shelf with their work, so needless to say, they are proud to be able to offer the work of so many local creatives. 

Now, OMFFAC will be hosting an Open House to bring folks in to learn about their mission. “The open house is an opportunity for the community to visit and learn about the different artists we represent and their work,” Pauline says. “Guests attending the Open House will find all arts and crafts we carry available for purchase.” 

Art For Everyone 

OMFFAC is proud to keep their prices as low as possible, “allowing everyone the opportunity to purchase a piece of fine art or a beautiful craft,” Pauline says. “Our family is not making a profit at this time, but we believe once the hotel reopens, we will attract trade from tourists who want to take a piece of WV home.” In the meantime, they are proud to represent “some of the finest artists and craftspeople in West Virginia.” 

Sturgill Mountain Homestead will be catering the Open House reception and will feature “farm-to-table foods.” CC Coffee and Tea Interest will be providing beverages. Pauline says this event “promises to be an enjoyable event.” She and her family are looking forward to meeting new members of the community, and catch up with old friends. 

The OMFFAC Open House will be Saturday, September 23 at the Collective, from 5-8 pm. If you’re a fan of supporting local creatives, or maybe even hoping to bring a piece of art home for yourself, be sure to stop by. In the mean time, be sure to check out the OMFFAC Facebook page, where Pauline and co. are often posting pictures of the art they have in stock. 

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