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Overnight Adventure Through Feud Country with Trail 10 House & ATV Tours

Trail 10 House and ATV Tours of Williamson, West Virginia has been bringing together the natural beauty of our region and the thrill of southern West Virginia History for a while now. Their tours often bring together different elements to give everyone something to look forward to. Now, they will be offering the Hillbilly History Overnight Camping Tour on May 1st-2nd. This tour is designed for folks who want to spend even longer taking in everything this area has to offer.

“The tour starts out in Williamson,” says Heather New, co- owner of Trail 10. “We will head through some of the best trails to see coal mines, fossil beds, mud pits, and lots of breathtaking scenery. We will visit most of the Hatfield and McCoy feud sites, as well as some Kentucky outlaw trails.” She says this ride will cross 2 trail systems, 2 counties, and 2 states, and will be totally family friendly.

What makes this different from other tours, of course, is that it’s an overnight tour, and riders will be staying at Hatfield’s Hideout in McCarr, Kentucky, which is owned by a descendent of the Hatfield's from the Hatfield & McCoy Feud. “It’s a campground and cabins right on the Tug River,” Heather says. “Some of the guests have rented cabins, but some will be pitching tents.” Grilled hot dogs and s’mores will be included, and those on the tour can feel free to fish or swim in the Tug Fork River. The morning after the campout, Trail 10 will lead folks out to do a little more exploring before coming back to Williamson.

The owners at Trail 10 are excited to bring people right to the heart of this region’s history. “It’s a beautiful location right in the middle of all the history,” Heather says. She says they got the idea for the Hillbilly History tour by listening to what people need. “The idea came from just knowing what people want,” she says. “Which is an escape from the humdrum of life and the rat race that most lives have become. It’s a way to connect with yourself, and your family and friends.”

Heather and Leo New are excited about providing such a long tour to folks. “What’s most exciting about this trip is the length of it,” Heather says. “It’s a real adventure, followed by being literally immersed in history, if just briefly.”

Tickets for this tour are $100.00 per machine(not per person). Folks who want to participate must have a Hatfield McCoy Trail Pass for blue and green level trails.

Trail 10 plans to offer 3 more similar trips in 2021, according to Heather. “One for Halloween, we will have a visit to the paw paw tree site, and try to catch any spirits that are said to linger there still, and that one will be a lot of fun as well! We are really looking forward to this!”

To find out all the details about the Hillbilly History Camping Tour, check out their Facebook event page! You can also give them a call at 304-236-5595.

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