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Peyton Media & the Swiftie Sessions!

Peyton Media and the #SwiftieSessions 

Local photographer Nancy Peyton Brown has been snapping photos since she received her first digital camera as a middle schooler. While in journalism school, her skills continued to blossom, and after sharing her work in galleries, she began receiving requests from folks looking to hire her for her skills. That’s how Peyton Media got started. 

Peyton Media is a full-service photography and multimedia business, and it gives Nancy the chance to leverage her backgrounds in photography and graphic design. As a photographer, she’s “open to just about anything,” she says, from traditional portraiture and event photography, to more creative shoots, and even cosplay photography. She also works as an artist, shooting nature photography, which she has displayed and sold in multiple regional galleries. 

Fun for Everyone! 

Since she has a full-time job, Nancy is able to price her sessions in a way that makes them accessible to many people. “Photography sessions are something that oftentimes are not accessible to people in the area due to pricing,” she says.  “I have no plans to make photography my sole income, so that has allowed me to price myself in a way that preserving memories can be accessible to anyone.” 

In addition to being a talented photographer, Nancy is a dedicated Swiftie– that is, a fan of Taylor Swift. After attending one of her recent concerts in Cincinnati, she was inspired to share the fun with folks in the community. “I had so much fun making outfits for my husband and I, and saw so many amazing costumes people made for the occasion,” She says. Her “Swiftie Sessions” are her way of extending that experience. 

The sessions allow individuals or groups of up to four to be photographed, receiving 3 images for just $13. (Groups can be larger than four at an additional cost of $13 per person.) Participants have access to an iridescent floral backdrop and a variety of Swift-themed props, including friendship bracelets, a mirrorball, and heart-shaped glasses. Nancy is clear that you don’t have to be a Swiftie to participate. “These sessions are marketed as Swiftie themed, but they can serve as a fun photo op for anyone!” 

As a photographer, Nancy loves the chance to have fun and get creative, but more than anything else, she prides herself on offering her services to everyone. “When I say I want to be accessible to everyone, I truly mean it,” She says. “I’ve already met so many wonderful people and done work that means the world to me.” With the Swiftie sessions, she’s excited to share the fun with everyone. “It’s designed with having fun in mind, so it’s been a good conversation starter and a nice experience, both for those who went to the show, and those who weren’t able to get tickets.” 

Whether you’re a diehard Swiftie, or you just know what you’ve heard on the radio, these Swiftie Sessions are sure to be a hit! Swiftie Sessions will take place August 26 at the Collective, from 12 to 6pm. Come on by and get your picture taken– and be sure to check out the Peyton Media Facebook page for plenty of updates on Nancy’s work. 

All photos from Peyton Media Facebook.

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