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Photography Workshop to Help You Get to Know the Basics of Your DSLR

The Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce Workshop Series resumes this month! "What’s That Button For? An Introduction to Basic Functions of Your DSLR" will be held on Saturday, February 20th at 2pm in the Mountaineer Hotel Ballroom. Photographer and Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Randall Sanger will teach aspiring photographers the basic functions of all those buttons and dials on their DSLR camera.

Randall tells us he is asked quite often to conduct another local workshop and the majority of those asking for a workshop have requested that he tailor the class to simply cover the basics. Many have expressed an interest in attending other workshops hosted by Randall, but felt they needed to become more familiar with their camera before signing up.

“By hosting a workshop on the basics, they hope to feel more comfortable attending one of my group workshops in West Virginia or beyond. The upcoming workshop will be perfect for anyone who wants to gain more control of their camera and to better understand what all those buttons and dials are for,” says Randall.

According to the Facebook event page, workshop participants will learn to take more control of their camera and use it to its fullest potential. Topics to be discussed include exposure modes, ISO settings, shutter settings, basic menu controls, focus modes, metering modes, lens choices, filter choices, and some general composition suggestions.

This course will primarily be held in the classroom setting, but the class will also spend some time capturing images in and around the historic Mountaineer Hotel in downtown Williamson, West Virginia.

Workshop attendees will need to bring the following items:

• DSLR Camera

• Lenses

• Memory Card

• Not a necessity, but a tripod might be handy

• Snacks – water and coffee will be provided

Tickets for the event are limited. Organizers are keeping the class size small to ensure plenty of physical distancing space. This will also allow more time for questions from the class. Ticket cost is $50.00 per person and pre-registration is required by February 16th. You can register online through the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce shop.

For more information about this workshop, follow this link to the Facebook event page:

Learn more about Randall Sanger Photography, as well as his upcoming workshops at:

Photos from Randall Sanger Photography

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