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Pumpkin Party Palooza

#FallFun at the Pumpkin Party Palooza 

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, this is certainly one of the most fun times of the year, with plenty of seasonal events and activities to enjoy. One classic Halloween and fall activity is pumpkin carving, with the practice having its origins in the British Isles of the 19th century, when folks carved root veggies as a part of Samhain. Nowadays, it’s common practice to grab the biggest, brightest pumpkin you can and get to carving– or painting, if carving is a little too messy for you. Kids of all ages in the Williamson area will have their chance to decorate some pumpkins this month, with the Pumpkin Party Palooza hosted by the Williamson Farmers Market. 

Plenty of Festive Activities 

The Pumpkin Party Palooza will welcome kids to join in in carving and painting pumpkins, playing pumpkin-themed games, roasting pumpkin seeds, and even trying some pumpkin muffins, all for only $7 per child. 

Kristin Brewer DeBoard with the Farmers Market describes this as a great chance for “kids to come out, enjoy some fall fun, and play with their food.” Sounds pretty good to us! The Pumpkin Party Palooza will take place in downtown Williamson on Tuesday, October 24, at 6pm. For more information, check out the Facebook event page, and we’ll see you there! 


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