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Spreading Christmas Joy Through Trail Riding

Giving Back to Those In Need

The folks at Sport Outfitters, LLC love giving back to the community and spreading Christmas cheer, and that’s why they started the Buffalo Mountain Christmas Ride. “It actually began years ago with a church we used to be members of,” says Jeff Davis, co-owner/operator of Sport Outfitters. “They had a huge sled they would pull behind a truck and give toys to the same areas. Since that time, our company has tried increasing the amount of toys and children we are able to serve with our event.”

Though they’ve been giving back to the community for years, this will actually be their second Buffalo Mountain Christmas Ride. Last year, at the first ever ride, they were able to deliver nearly $4,000 in toys to underprivileged kids throughout the area.

This year, they are hoping to provide hygiene products and other necessities as well as toys. “Families need toys for little ones for Christmas, however, often forgotten necessities are the things most of us take for granted, like toothbrushes and body and hair washes,” Jeff says.

This year, due to COVID-19, they will take extra precautions, such as social distancing, masks and gloves, and a thorough disinfection of every toy donated.

For Jeff, it’s a great chance to give back to the less fortunate, while showing everything that Mingo County has to offer. “It’s all about giving back to our less fortunate community, while also highlighting the opportunities possible within our ATV and adventurism market here,” he says.

Sharing the Christmas Spirit

For Jeff and his wife Anita, the best part of the event is seeing kids smile. “For us, the most rewarding part is seeing the faces of each child we’re able to serve during this,” he says. “The looks on their faces when they hear the music and see the lights of the ATV’s is true joy at its most sincere.”

The crew at Sport Outfitters will be joined by MudLove Offroad and Offroad Hooligunz WV for the Buffalo Mountain Christmas Ride on December 19th. A day ride will begin at noon, and an evening ride will happen later that evening.

If you’d like to donate toys to this event, a collection box is located inside the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce office(The Coal House) on 2nd. Avenue in Williamson. The Coal House is open Tuesday - Friday, 10 am - 2pm and Saturday, 9am-1pm. To donate money for the group to use to purchase toys and needed gift items, contact Sport Outfitters at 304-235-5006.

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