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Spring Cleaning 5K and 1 Mile Walk

For many folks, when springtime rolls around, it’s time to start cleaning up. During this time of year, many people go through their homes and toss out, donate, and organize everything that they have. The Tug Valley Road Runners Club is no exception. Club president Alexis Batausa found that the club had more than 2,000 medals and t-shirts leftover from old races, and decided that it was time the club did some spring cleaning.

On March 23, 2019, the running club hosted Williamson’s very first Spring Cleaning 5K and 1 Mile Walk. The hour-long race was in downtown Williamson, and participants were thrilled to be running alongside the Tug River for the first time. Participants were allowed to choose their own medals and t-shirts after the event was over.

Alexis feels that the event was a success. “We had over 100 people join us, and they were pleased with selecting their finisher medals and t-shirts. I thought it was such a fun event!” The winner of the race, Ben Lipps, agrees. “It was a fast course and good competition, which made it fun… the Tug Valley Road Runners are a very supportive group of people.”

Spring Cleaning for All Ages

The Spring Cleaning event did not only draw in the adults in town. LJ Venturino is on the track team at Belfry High School, and he and his friends also took part in the race. He feels that events like these are important to people of all ages. “I think they are important. Not only does it promote healthy living, but it’s also a fun social event.”

Staying Tidy in 2020

Though they have not yet set a date, the Tug Valley Road Runners Club is planning to host another Spring Cleaning event in 2020. There’s no doubt that their next Spring Cleaning will be just as successful as the first. Ben and LJ were both enthusiastic about the idea of another Spring Cleaning in 2020. When asked if he would participate next year, Ben only had one thing to say: “Yes, definitely!”

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