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The Celebration of a Life

Photo submitted by: Shawn & Tonya Cool

On April 20, 2019, the rainy weather could not stop folks in Williamson from participating in a very special event: the 5th annual Scott’s Trail Run. 200 people participated in races along the Hatfield-McCoy trails to celebrate the life of Scott Poole, who passed away in an accident in 2014.

Scott Poole is fondly remembered by many people in town as being a great guy with a big smile. Like many people in Williamson, he had a passion for the trails.

“Scott did everything in the trails! He stayed in them, from dirt biking to hiking with Layla, his dog,” Says Shawn Cool, who was friends with Scott, and remains friends with George, his dad.

Scott and George did a lot of work on the trails, helping to make them what they are today.

Do More of What Makes You Happy

“Scott’s saying was ‘do more of what makes you happy’,” says Shawn.

After his passing, his loved ones wanted to honor this fun-loving spirit in a unique way, and the 1st annual Scott’s Trail Run came to be.

Scott’s Trail Run included a variety of races, including an easy 5K Run, a 10K Run, and a 1-mile walk. Those who participated received sweatshirts, wooden medals, and memorial wristbands, as well as a free meal from a food truck.

(Photos submitted by: Shawn & Tonya Cool)

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