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The Great Divide Ride: Hatfield or McCoy Territory? You Decide.

Updated: May 4, 2020

Get your friends, pack your supplies, and pick a side. It’s time for another amazing ATV tour by Trail 10 House & ATV Tours of Williamson, West Virginia!

Trail 10 Tours

Leo & Heather New, owners of and trail guides for Trail 10 House and ATV Tours offers unique, fun, and historical tours on the Hatfield McCoy Trail System. On November 30th, he will be guiding another Great Divide Ride for trail riders. The last Great Divide Ride was hosted on November 16th and like all his tours since September 2019, it was a sold-out crowd.

According to Leo & Heather, the main idea for this ride is to highlight the divide between the infamous Hatfield and McCoy families. He tells us, along the tour route, riders will be able to decide which way the tour will continue. Will it go through McCoy territory to see Aunt Betty McCoy’s house and the McCoy Cemetery or will it go past where Devil Anse Hatfield was born and the Hatfield Cemetery? Riders on the tour vote to decide where they go!

This fun ride is just one of many themed rides Trail 10 offers. Leo and wife, Heather, say they bounce ideas around and suddenly it’s like a light bulb goes off! They find a theme and know what the next ride will be!

“Riders seem to really like a theme and a new, fresh spin on things. It has worked extremely well for us,” says the pair

Through their themed trail rides, they hope to continue bringing tourists into Williamson, not only to stay in their lodging but to stay in other accommodations and support local restaurants and businesses. Since October, Trail 10 estimates they’ve brought well over 100 tourists to town and they’re eager to keep it growing!

The Great Divide Ride Info

Are you ready to pick a side? There are still tickets available for the November 30th ride. This is an 8-hour tour covering 60-80 miles on the Hatfield & McCoy Trails. All riders must have a valid Hatfield & McCoy Trail System permit. The cost per machine is $40.00. The ride will leave at 9:30 a.m. from the free parking lot located at 126 West 2nd Avenue in Williamson.

Whether the tour takes you through Hatfield or McCoy territory, one thing is certain. You will see some breathtaking scenery! Pack a camera along with your essentials for this full-day tour.

To reserve your ticket for The Great Divide Ride, follow this Eventbrite link.

For more information on other Trail 10 House & ATV Tours call 304-235-5595. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook too!

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