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Thunder in the Valley!!

For more than four decades, folks from throughout the Mingo and Pike County region have flocked to Williamson to celebrate the Fourth of July with Thunder in the Valley, an annual fireworks  spectacular visible from a variety of viewing locations throughout town. This year, the Belfry Volunteer  Fire Department will be proud to host their 42nd annual Thunder in the Valley Fireworks show, and it’s sure to be a good one! 

Many folks head up to Southside Mall to get the best view of the fireworks show, but others head down to a variety of parking lots throughout the area. Williamson Forward’s own content writer, Zoe Yates, personally believes the Save-a-Lot parking lot is the best spot in town for the show, but others might prefer to get a little  closer! 

No matter what your favorite spot is, you will not want to miss it when Thunder in the Valley once again comes to Williamson. The fireworks show will start at 10:05 pm, on Monday, July 3. Have a happy Fourth of July! 

Reminder: This fantastic community event is free for your viewing, however it’s a large expense of the show to take place.  The Belfry Volunteer Fire Department will have roadblocks in place to take donations. Any donation helps! 

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