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Travel Tips from CT Blackburn - Insider Travel Planners

Traveling can be stressful, especially during the holidays. Add in a worldwide pandemic, and things can feel chaotic beyond belief. “Traveling during the holidays is always intimidating to some,” Says Tiffany Blackburn with CT Blackburn Travel. “When you add COVID this year, it makes it more unnerving.” Tiffany has some tips to make sure you are able to keep the travel stress to a minimum this year.

To stay safe, she recommends taking extra masks. “Most all businesses are requiring masks, so be sure to have extra in case something happens to yours. You can never be too cautious.” She also suggests buying travel packs of disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer to make sure your surroundings are safe.

She emphasizes allowing more time instead of rushing this year. “Due to COVID some places, such as airports, have much lower limits on capacity, so it may take longer to get in than we are used to.” On top of that, she suggests booking refundable trips when possible, and looking into travel insurance to keep your bases covered.

Tiffany also recommends keeping copies of travel documents in case you lose any, and carrying cash and credit cards, as some places will only accept one or the other. Above all, it’s important to stay prepared-- try using a travel planner. “They can help you more than you would imagine, and they do not cost any more than you’re already paying.” She tells us a travel planner can help you find deals, find places to eat, transportation, and overall, just help you relax and enjoy the trip.

If you’d like to support a local travel planner, check out CT Blackburn- Insider Travel Planners on their Facebook page to find out how they might help you reduce stress on your holiday vacation!

Photos from CT Blackburn- Insider Travel Planners

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