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The Williamson Woman’s Club Tournament was a Hole-In-One!

The GFWC-WV Williamson Woman’s Club hosted their Annual Golf Tournament on Saturday, August 24th at Twisted Gun Golf Course. It was a beautiful day to be on the course to raise money for the club!

The Course-Twisted Gun

Twelve teams registered to play in this year’s tournament at Twisted Gun. Situated on reclaimed coal mining property, the course offers amazing scenic views to enjoy while golfing.

“The staff and owners of Twisted Gun are wonderful to work with. They enjoy this tournament and like being a part of this charitable tournament. Everyone at the course makes us feel welcome and takes great care of us during the day,” says Alisha Toler, First Vice-President of the Club.

The Cause

In addition to chasing cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers, teams were given the opportunity to purchase tickets for fantastic door prizes! This tournament isn’t just about prizes though. This tournament serves as a major fundraiser for the Woman’s Club.

According to Williamson Woman’s Club President Chris Dotson, the money raised through team registrations, hole sponsorships, and door prize tickets goes to the clubs’ general fund to support community activities.

“Many of our fundraisers are for dedicated projects, however the Golf Tournament goes to our general fund. Money in the general fund is used throughout the year for projects like Thanksgiving baskets for area veterans and their families, back to school supplies, yearly college scholarship, community events for children, basically as needs arise, we are more capable of helping with community projects,” Chris says.

The Williamson Woman’s Club Team

While many members of the club gather hole sponsorships, register teams, and help with door prizes, club Member Leigh Ann Ray and her husband Chuck are the driving force behind the golf tournament. The pair has experience in hosting tournaments for other charitable organizations and felt it would be a great fundraiser to bring to the Woman’s Club. Although Chuck prefers to stay in the background and offer support quietly, the club members gladly recognize he is a key player in this event.

“Chuck believes in our club and it’s mission and just may be our biggest fan, “says Leigh Ann.

Talking with Chuck, he says, “The Woman’s Club is a great group to work with. Any time a group

or individual can help our veterans or kids go to college, it’s a good thing. Not to mention all the things the club does to help the community. I enjoy helping with the golf tournament or any project they do.”

“I am always so proud of our club and the work and effort the ladies of our club put forth in the golf tournament or any of our projects. The days leading up to events or getting up at 6am on a Saturday to get the golf tournament ready. However, we all agree Leigh Ann and Chuck really make this tournament what it is,” says Chris.

After the teams made it back to the club house. Lunch was provided to the hungry golfers. Then, came the announcement of winners!

The Winners

3rd place -Team Belo Mine Supply

2nd place-Team E. Dillon

1st place -Team EMF

Raising money, having fun, and enjoy scenic views- it’s all in a day’s work for the Williamson Woman’s Club. Well, it’s not really work if you enjoy what you’re doing though, is it?

To learn more about the golf tournament and other projects the club is working on, follow the GFWC WV Williamson Woman’s Club Facebook Page here

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