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Young Entrepreneurs Day 2023: Meet Piper, Sawyer, & Mabel Lendearo

Mabel, Sawyer, and Piper Lendearo 

Since 2020, the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce has hosted Young Entrepreneurs Day, an event that puts under-18 business owners in the area at the forefront and offers them new opportunities. Many kids and teens have participated in that time, and thanks to the success they helped to make possible, the Chamber of Commerce is happy to be hosting the 4th Annual Young Entrepreneurs Day on Saturday, August 5th from 10 am-3pm in the Williamson Field House.  

YED will put the spotlight on many different young business owners between the ages of 8 and 18, and many different types of businesses will be featured, from snacks to handmade jewelry. While a few familiar faces will be showing up, there will be plenty of newcomers as well. Three such newcomers are Mabel, Sawyer, and Piper Lendearo. 

Sawyer and Piper are 8, and Mabel is 9, and all three of them attend Burch PreK-8. They will be selling homemade fair-style lemonade with different flavors available, stickers, art, and handcrafted bracelets. They were inspired to offer these items because of  their love for lemonade stands, and selling stickers at their mom’s bookstore. 

Piper is hoping to use this experience to one day achieve her dream of running her very own kid’s clothing store.

Sawyer, who has recently started selling his art, enjoys the chance to flex his artistic muscles, while Piper just likes making and selling delicious  lemonade. The fair-style lemonade will be made at their booth and they’ll also have sugar free syrups to offer as add-ins for an extra flavor boost! 

Mabel’s favorite thing about running their business is that it helps her with her shyness, “and it’s so fun!” 

The three of them learned about Young Entrepreneurs Day from their mama, who Piper says is “the best mama.” They are hoping to use their funds for school shopping, or maybe even a trip. If you’d like to check out their business, while helping them achieve their dreams, be sure to come out to Young Entrepreneurs Day on Saturday, August 5, from 10am-3pm in the Williamson Field House. 

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