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Young Entrepreneurs Day Participant: Lillee McCoy

Young Entrepreneurs Day is a special day for kids in the area who have big dreams. In 2020, the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce started Young Entrepreneurs Day to put the spotlight on aspiring small business owners, and give them a taste of the business life. This year, more young business owners will run their own business for a day during Young Entrepreneurs Day at the Williamson Fieldhouse on Saturday, November 6th from 10am-3pm.

Lillee McCoy, a 10-year old, fifth grader at Belfry Elementary, is one of the aspiring business owners who will come out for YED, with her business, Smoothie Sisters. Smoothie Sisters will be selling an assortment of fall smoothies.

Family Inspiration

Lillee is actually a veteran of Young Entrepreneurs Day-- she sold her smoothies back in 2020, too, so these days, she’s an expert. She started making smoothies because of her grandmothers and her mother. “I got involved in this business because I have always loved being in the kitchen baking with my grandmothers, and I have always wanted to have a business like my mom did.”

Lillee has some new recipes, and she is most excited to share those with those who will be attending at YED 2021. “I am most excited to share my new fall smoothies with my customers, "she says.

Want to get a taste of one of these delicious fall smoothies? Be sure to come out to Young Entrepreneurs Day this Saturday to support Lillee and all the YED participants! To learn more about Young Entrepreneurs Day, check out the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce Facebook page or the event Facebook page.


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