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All-Day Adventure Tour to Visit Devil Anse!

Trail 10 House and ATV Tours are known for their unique ATV tours. They often place focus on the little-known facts and dark, spooky histories of the region. If you were a fan of previous ATV tours hosted by Trail 10, you will not be disappointed with the upcoming Devil’s Run tour.

Visiting “The Man Himself”... at his Gravesite!

Trail 10 has featured prominent sites from the Hatfield-McCoy feud on their tours, and this time, Devil’s Run will be taking you to “the man himself”-the gravesite of Devil Anse Hatfield. Devil’s Run will be an all-day tour, starting in Williamson, and taking folks on- and off-road until arriving in Sarah Ann, WV. The tour will also go through spots frequented by the wild horses of Mingo County. “The most exciting point would be the horses, or the gravesite, depending on your perspective,” says Heather and Leo New, owners of Trail 10 House.

Folks have been asking about the gravesite for a while, and Heather and Leo thought it was finally time to take folks to one of the most interesting sites in the region. According to the Facebook event page, they have shown people where he(Devil Anse) walked, and told them what he did there, but they have never taken a group ride all the way to his grave site.

Leo and Heather tell us the tour will pass through many different trails, so many it’s too much to list! The all day tour will have plenty to offer, including breathtaking views and a pass through the Devil Anse tunnel.

The Devil’s Run happens on March 27th with the group leaving from the free ATV parking lot in Williamson at 9:30am. Folks at Trail 10 request that you bring your own lunch for this special all-day journey. Tickets are $50 and can be purchased here.

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