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Cold Weather Calls for Warm Soup!

Everybody loves soup during the colder months! Whether you’re reaching for chicken noodle soup to stave off your cold symptoms, or warming up with a bowl of tomato soup on a cold day, there's a soup for everybody. If you’d like to try making some soup on your own this January, you will love the meal kits offered by the Williamson Farmers Market this month!

Delicious Healthy, Veggie Packed Meals

The Williamson Farmers Market chose soup for January because it suits the cold weather. “We just decided on soups because it’s cold, and everyone wants to be healthy at the start of the year," says Williamson Farmers Market Nutrition and Marketing Manager Kristen DeBoard. They chose to stick to veggie-packed soups to keep folks eating their veggies through the cold months.

Through the market they will be offering four different soups for their January Meal Kits which include: Ribollita, Italian Wedding Soup, Beef and Barley, and Minestrone. Ribollita and Minestrone are classic meat-free options, to “show people how to vary their protein sources, “ says Kristin.

Kristin is most excited for the Ribollita. “I am meat and dairy free 80% of the time anyway, so it’s most like how I eat. The beans are good for protein, and the veggies in it are very nourishing.” Ribollita is a cleansing soup featuring white beans and plenty of veggies, while Minestrone is a classic blend of greens and other veggies with Italian spices.

If you’d prefer a meaty option, Italian Wedding Soup and Beef and Barley will satisfy you. Italian Wedding Soup is packed with veggies and pasta alongside meatballs, while Beef and Barley pairs healthy grains and veggies with a chuck roast.

All meal kits are $20, and must be paid for beforehand. The Ribollita will be offered during the first week, followed by Italian Wedding Soup, then Beef and Barley, and finally the Minestrone. Pickup will be on Thursdays from 3pm to 6pm. Check out the Williamson Farmers Market Facebook page for more information about each soup, weekly ordering deadlines, and how to pay!

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