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Cub Pack Troop 314 Pinewood Derby

On Friday, March 4th, local Cub Pack Troop 314 held their own Pinewood Derby in the fellowship hall of the Williamson First United Methodist Church in Williamson. Cubmaster Teddy Kania, along with scout volunteers, organized a night of fun, food, and races for everyone attending.

For those not familiar with the Pinewood Derby, this is a wood car racing event run by the Boy Scouts of America. Participants are given a block of wood, and with the help of adults, build their own mini-race car.

Troop 314 last participated in a Pinewood Derby Competition in 2019. Like make activities, Pinewood Derby was not held during 2020 and 2021 due to COVID. Unlike the 2019 competition which hosted other packs from around the area, this derby was for Troop 314 only.

According to Kania, nine scouts and three Juniors participated in the derby. Juniors are the kids that are too young to join the pack, but they're attending every meeting with an older sibling or family member. Also, Boy Scouts of America is now a co-ed organization, so both boys and girls were racing their cars.

“We start out with twenty or so kids and it lessens as we go, but we have our regulars,” Kania says of Cub Pack Troop 314.

Cub Pack 314 consists of four dens based on the ages and school grade of the scouts. Those are Webelos, Wolf and Tiger, Bears, and Juniors. Each den competed in individual races, then winners from each den competed in an overall pack race.

Here's the race results:

Webelos: Bears

1st: Rogan Moore 1st: Joey Kohari

2nd: Gage Johnson 2nd: Molly Kania

3rd: Bryce Kohari 3rd: Baylee Marcum

Wolf & Tiger Juniors

1st: Olivia Kania 1st: Maddie McCoy

2nd: Mason Roberts 2nd: Jonah Roberts

3rd: Ian Osborne 3rd: Theo Kania

Overall Pack Race:

1st: Olivia Kania

2nd: Joey Kohari

3rd: Molly Kania

Also participating in the derby were:

Avery Wallace, Lila Barnett, Colt McCoy

Congratulations to Cub Pack Troop 314 on a successful 2022 Pinewood Derby!

*Click to flip through more pictures from the derby!

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