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Give Back Grub: #LocalsHelpingLocals

The Fresh Start and Drug Court programs help those who struggle with addiction rehabilitate, recover, and rejoin society for a while now. On Wednesday, April 7 2021, those currently in the programs will give back to the community in Williamson with their Give Back Grub event.

Giving Back to the Community

“It was an idea from Drug Court and Fresh Start, to help them give back to the community,” says Kristin DeBoard with the Williamson Farmers Market. Kristin will be helping folks in the program with the cooking, and will also be providing the outdoor cooking equipment. “We are just going to set up outdoor burners and cook on 1st Avenue. The clients in the programs will be cooking alongside me, and we will be handing out free plates of food.”

They will be serving up delicious plates of chicken and pineapple sliders, with a side of fresh slaw, prepared without mayo.

Kristin is excited to help with the event because it’s a way to participate in the recovery process. “The clients wanted to give back to the community... it’s just exciting to be a part of someone else’s recovery journey as they boldly step out into society.”

The groups will be cooking on 1st Avenue in Williamson, near the Leah’s Garden area where Logan Street and 1st Avenue meet. Food will be ready at noon so you can stop by for lunch!

Check out the Facebook page to learn more about Give Back Grub!

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