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Gourd Painting & Fall Fun!

For many people, autumn is the highlight of the year. It’s the season with blazing colors across our mountains, Halloween, and wonderful seasonal fruits and vegetables. The Williamson Farmers Market will be bringing a little celebration of autumn and all the fun it brings to downtown Williamson on Tuesday, October 26th with Fall Fun at the farmers market.

Fall Fun will feature birdhouse gourd painting, says Kristin DeBoard, Marketing and Nutrition Manager for Williamson Farmers Market. She says, “They will last forever, instead of carving a pumpkin that rots within days. And later, after they have been cured and dried all winter, they can drill a hole if they wish, and be used as a birdhouse.”

Fall Fun will also feature a pumpkin dip, with graham crackers for dipping. Attendants are encouraged to dress up and show off their costumes in celebration of the Halloween season.

The event will start at 6pm at the Williamson Farmers Market. Visit the facebook event page for more details.

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