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Halloween Kids Yoga at Downtown Yoga

Looking for a Halloween activity for kids that involves a little physical activity and lots of fun? Downtown Yoga in downtown Williamson, West Virginia is hosting their first Halloween Kids Yoga Event on Saturday, October 9th beginning at 5:00pm.

Kids ages 3-8 years old are invited to come out to enjoy a fun kids yoga flow, crafts, games, treats! Cost is $5.00 per child. Kids must be pre-registered by Friday, October 8th.

Downtown Yoga Owner Heather Wolford says, “Children need to be active every day to promote healthy growth and development. Kids who establish healthy lifestyle patterns at a young age will carry them-and their benefits-forward with them for the rest of their lives. This is why we encourage parents to bring children out to events like this to promote healthy habits and their artistic sides.”

Downtown Yoga Instructor Chris Dotson will lead the little yogis through their yoga flow.

“Kids do have different physical abilities and limitations than adults, so we will keep our kids' yoga flow safe, simple, and a little more brief than an adult class session. We want the kids to see that being healthy and active is fun!”

Chris says she will hold the yoga flow to around twenty minutes, then move on to a fun yoga inspired game. Then, the kids will join Heather for craft time, and of course, treats!

“We know movement and activities, such as yoga, helps kids stay healthy. Yoga promotes coordination, social skills, and physical health,” Heather continues, “Yoga also offers children a safe space to use up extra energy in a calm, focused way, as well as a way to relieve stress. Yoga classes are also not competitive, which helps children boost their self-esteem.”

“In our adult yoga classes, we say we’re not looking for perfection in poses. Each person has their own practice, and as long as they are practicing in a safe way, the important part is they’re showing up. The same thought applies to the kids! We aren’t looking for perfect poses, we want them to show up and start their healthy lifestyle at an early age,” says Chris

To register your child(ren) you can send your payment by PayPal to Last day to book is Friday, October 8th! Downtown Yoga is located on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Pike Street, Williamson, West Virginia in the Next Step Legal building. You’ll find more information on the Downtown Yoga Facebook page!


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