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Hey, Kids! Come Make Your Own Frozen Hot Chocolate Milkshake!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Hot, hot, say, we’ve got it! Hot chocolate! Here we’ve only got one rule: Never ever let it cool! Oops! Sounds like the Williamson Farmers Market team are rule breakers!!!They’re not just letting the hot chocolate cool, they’re serving it frozen.

The Williamson Farmers Market is hosting a kids cooking club event on Friday, December 9th at 6pm in the meeting space at City Gym located on 3rd Avenue in downtown Williamson. Kids are invited to come make their own healthy version of an over-the-top frozen hot chocolate milkshake. With Christmas music playing as they work, kids will make their own frozen hot chocolate to serve up with fruit skewers, white chocolate bark, and dipped pretzel rods. Each little chef will have the chance to make his or her own unique culinary masterpiece!

Word has it, one of Santa’s elves will make an appearance during the class. Over-the-top shakes and over-the-top fun are definitely ingredients for a fun Christmas kids activity! See you there, little chefs!

For more information, check the Williamson Farmers Market Facebook page.

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